Thanksgiving 2021 – and I have so much for which to be thankful. I am profoundly grateful to engage in meaningful work with clients, to benefit from rewarding relationships with colleagues and friends, and have the support of a loving and growing family.

Through wide-ranging conversations with clients, prospective clients, colleagues, and others, a theme has emerged recently: What’s Next. First one client, then another invoked this call to action. No one is treating it as a question. Nonprofits are declaring their intent. Organizations are reexamining how and what they do what they do related to staff and those in the communities they serve. As individuals and nonprofits, we have learned so much from our ability to adapt and be creative.

So, at this time of reflection and gratitude:

To my clients, you are pursuing bold and inspiring initiatives, continuing to ensure that your organization’s mission and work evolve to meet the needs of those you serve. You are forthright and honest about your desire and need to pay attention to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to be part of these endeavors.

To my colleagues, what a pleasure to collaborate with you and to learn from you. The opportunities to share clients and merge our expertise are welcome and enriching. Teaming with you adds immeasurable excitement to a project and I look forward to more such opportunities to examine, ponder, and strategize – all with the common goal of supporting our client.

As we give thanks for all that we hold dear, let’s commit to thinking about What’s Next as we strive to make our communities and the world more equitable.