To quote just about everyone, 2020 has been a difficult year – one of struggle and deep loss. As we approach Thanksgiving, with and without family and friends to celebrate, may we embrace that for which we can be grateful.

Adaptability. Compassion. Creativity. Equanimity. Patience. Resilience.

Over the past many months, these watchwords have resonated and guided me as I navigate life and work. My nonprofit clients have embraced these words, too, performing the equivalent of high-wire acts (definitely without a net), boldly and successfully, on behalf of those they serve.

Among my client engagements during the past nine months have been two strategic planning projects. In each case, we adapted the planning process to maintain fidelity and achieve the desired outcomes. Yes, we adjusted project schedules to accommodate real life. Yes, we were disappointed not to meet in person. And, yes, in virtual rooms we created compelling strategic visions and the goals to achieve them. All while we patiently reminded each other to unmute and welcomed the occasional child stopping in for a peek. The spirit and strength of these staff and volunteer leadership partners, all focused on their organization’s mission, are the essence of the nonprofit sector.

I have so much for which to be grateful. A loving family, valued clients, esteemed colleagues, including you.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, may we all find things great and small for which we are grateful. May we see light breaking through on the horizon. May we be able to gather in person again soon. I miss you all and wish you good health and peace.