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Wishnick & Associates consults with diverse organizations on a wide array of projects. Executive Directors and CEOs, Board Chairs, and others in senior leadership positions have initiated our engagements. Whether your organization is emerging or mature, small, mid-size, or large, Wishnick & Associates would like to work with you to define your objectives and achieve them.

We also recognize the value to an organization of working with individuals as an advisor or of counsel. These relationships, with Executive Directors, CEOs, program managers, and/or Board Chairs, may be an additional phase of a project to maintain momentum. Alternatively, you may seek a strategic relationship to gain focused support as you navigate the intricacies of leading your organization.

We design our services to meet your unique need. With all projects, we ensure a realistic work plan, a manageable budget, and an exceptional experience.

Wishnick & Associates Also Works in the Private Sector

Wishnick & Associates also works with private sector organizations of different sizes and structures. We are familiar with and comfortable working in small or large companies; start-up, entrepreneurial, or established businesses; and with companies that have flat or multi-tiered organizational charts. We have worked with management teams on projects geared to promote a proactive approach to leadership, clarify roles, foster collaboration, and ensure successfully achieving business goals.

The Big Picture

  • Strategic Planning
  • Transition Planning and Advising
  • Succession Planning
  • Mission and Vision Development
  • Board Development and Governance
  • Leadership and Staff Development
  • Strategic Advisor/Of Counsel/Coaching
  • Administrative/Infrastructure
  • Board of Directors
  • Capacity Building Readiness
  • Executive Transition Needs
  • Organizational
  • Needs Assessment
  • Job Spec Creation
  • Search Process Design
  • Onboarding Plan Development
  • Advising/Of Counsel
  • Meetings
  • Retreats

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